Know as  Beef Idichathu, Beef  Idiyirachi or Unakka Erachi in Kerala

We are partnered with Brahmagiri Development Society, the establishment has modern slaughter house and meat processing unit. They supply meat in the brand name of Malabar Meat throughout the Malabar Area. The collected raw meat is further cleaned and washed thoroughly, chopped into small pieces in hygiene surroundings. The strips of meat are later dried inside smoke house at low temperatures in a controlled environment to avoid cooking it or over-drying it to the point where it is brittle. To preserve the meat and improve the flavor salting is done. The processed meat is preserved in airtight bags inside the temperature maintained store room and packed into pouches as per customer requirement. We also cater bulk orders as well.

Traditionally drying was done by exposing to sunlight and then meat was placed near to the chimneys. We employ modern techniques in processing the meat to keeping the freshness and flavor.

how to make idiyirachi

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Beef Jerky - Unflavoured

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